Caprock Dictionary Object Component

The Caprock Dictionary Object is a COM component that is thread-safe and can be used in any scripting environment such as ASP with IIS. The dictionary component is perfect to use as a repacement for the ASP "Scripting.Dictionary" object. Additionaly, unlike Scripting.Dictionary, the Caprock Dictionary component can be used within Session objects and Application objects in ASP.

I make this available for download simply because it's hard to find nowadays. I make zero claims to copyright or ownership. If you need a license, I cannot help. An alternative dictionary available that you may license is Multi Dictionary from Motobit Software.

>> Click here to download the Caprock Dictionary Object Component.


Dim d
Set d = CreateObject("Caprock.Dictionary")
d.add "a", "Athens"
d.add "b", "Belgrade"
d.add "c", "Cairo"

March 5, 2008
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